Why Replace Harnesses Every Two Years?

Off-road enthusiasts are told to replace their harnesses every two years. For racing, SFI tags only last two years from the date sold, and need to be replaced if you want to pass tech. Most of us (hopefully) know this. But why is it two years? Are the belts really “unsafe” after that time? If you’re just driving for recreation is it really that big of a deal? We provide some answers to these all to commonly asked questions.    __________________________________________________________________________________ What is SFI? The basis for the two-year life expectancy comes from SFI. For those of you that don’t know, the SFI Foundation […]

School of Slickrock! Moab’s Outdoor Adventure Playground

I can’t even begin to describe this place…even photos won’t do it justice. If you are looking for a bucket list trip, look no further than Moab, Utah.  This place is amazing…it truly has it all.  This is where riding metamorphosizes from entertainment to sport, where the love of riding is transformed to a passion and where a whole new level of appreciation is realized for what these machines, when outfitted properly, are capable of.  This is riding at its best. I headed down to Moab for Rally on the Rocks with no idea what to expect. My mind was […]

Top Three Reasons to Attend our 2nd Annual Garage Sale

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Do you love a good sale? You’re in luck. UTV Canada is excited to host our 2nd Annual Garage Sale this Friday and Saturday. While we can think of plenty of reasons for you to head to our shop, here’s our top three: 1. Best deals in the country We’re not kidding. There will be literally thousands of items on-sale from items ranging from parts to accessories. Who doesn’t love a sale? Times are tough in Alberta, let’s take a deal while we can! We will post our full list […]

The Art of Ice Racing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get out and race your UTV but the thought of costs and commitment are overwhelming…depending on the type of racing this can be very true.   Ice racing is an excellent opportunity to get out with your UTV, make some friends with common interests and a great way to test your racing skills without breaking the bank. The Canadian UTV racing scene is blowing up, entries were up at every race this season.  And while the ice racing season is over for the year, it is never too early to […]

2017 Message from the President

Happy New Year greetings to you all! Well, we made it another year! For those of you that read this message, you will probably be able to claim that as well. We all know it’s been a tough slug out in the West with the uncertainty of the economic climate, the fires of this past spring, the wet weather of the fall and very little snow this winter. She’s been a tough one no doubt! But borrowing from my last years’ message, the phrase by Robert Schuler, “Tough times never last, but tough people do” has never been so true. […]

Mark’s Favorite Things…Trail Edition!

Twas the month of December The weather so frigid. No time to go riding Mark was starting to fidget. He was dreaming of riding And after market accessories. Which ones were the best? Which ones were necessities? When up in his mind the wheels started turning. He was thinking of all the accessories with yearning. He is fast and aggressive, quite hard on his RZR. His accessories must match his competitive behaviour. Axia Alloys, EFX, Wicked Bilt, PRP, DragonFire, Race-Driven, Warthog ATV. SSV Works, S3 Power Sports, and Coolant from Evans, MSA and MudBusters and Energy Suspension. Going right to […]

Arresting Developments – Stopping Thieves in Their Tracks!

Theft of recreational products has always been an issue, but most recently, given the state of our economy, it has become rampant. I follow numerous groups on Facebook and almost daily I see a post of some sled, quad or side x side that has been stolen. In the most recent issue of Powersports Business they reported that a dealership in North Dakota had $44,000 worth of product taken over the weekend. Most of these units that go missing are never to be found again.  I’m not going to lie when I say this chaps my ass significantly.  I go […]

The Electronic Age

This age of evolving electronics continues to grow at such a rapid pace making it tough to keep up with all the new technology! Last week I had to bring in a dual car radio/intercom system for one of our Dealers and guess what…Rugged Radios has been raising the bar and pushing the limits…again! Gone are the days of tangled cords and plug-ins for headsets and mics. Rugged Radios now have really cool headsets and mics that fit right into your helmets! You can still get the traditional headsets that you wear without helmets, but all are now available with Bluetooth. Several bonuses with […]

Snow Days! Brrr…ing It On!

We all know that summer riding has its obstacles and challenges and we know what can be adjusted for and customized accordingly to get us that sick ride we all strive for. But who says you have to put your toys away once summer is over? Yes, winter brings several new elements to the table, cold weather, piercing wind, traction issues, floatation, just to name a few. Hunters have access challenges, Industrial users need to stay warm, Racers need to lower their center of gravity. But hey, we are Canadian, and when faced with a Snow Day we say ‘Brrrr…ing […]

Ignorant or Intelligent? The NDP’s New ATV Laws

This discussion has been around forever and now Premier Nanny Notley and her NDP government are about to introduce new laws pertaining to our recreation as we know it today, one being the helmet law. Personally I don’t think that our government should have to be making it a law as it should just be smart thinking to wear one, and yes, even in a SXS! In my mind if you are riding without a helmet, you’re an idiot. Laws are made to protect the stupid people so I myself and as UTV Canada will fully support any proposed helmet […]