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RO-CFR022/RO-CFL015 for Can-Am Outlander or Renegade

This Heavy Duty Axle for the Can-Am Outlander/Renegade (RO-CFR022/RO-CFL015) is 20-percent stronger than the other guys’ product.

Rugged as the terrain your ride on, Rogue is made for the most badass riders.

Built for performance and attitude at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, Rogue finally allows you to build your most extreme ride.

You can break free from the weight and responsibility of your everyday life in your Side by Side and modify it with Rogue’s competitively priced, uncompromised quality aftermarket parts and accessories.

Its oversized outer CV joints provide a gnarly swing angle of up to 48-degrees or more, for increased suspension travel and top-notch strength you need to own your terrain.

All of Rogue’s Axle components are heat treated and tempered to give you leading strength and long riding life, or in other words: True Rogue grit. Exactly what your ride needs to outlast and survive the adventure.


Heavy-Duty solid central bar increased strength by 20-percent than competition
Oversized outer CV joints provide a swing angle of up to 48-degrees or more, which offers increased suspension travel and strength
Inner CV joints with maximum swing angle of up to 45-degrees
HD cage with redesigned structure is 30-percent stronger than other leading brands
TPE material provides superior tear and puncture resistance on boots
Premium moly grease for quick heat dissipation and superior wear resistance
OETIKER Stepless Low Profile Clamp allows for variations in component tolerance and temperature variations, uniform 360-degree compression and uniform surface pressure, novel tension hook design, high radial forces, and minimum space requirements
All axle components are heat treated and tempered to deliver superior strength and long riding life


OUTLANDER 4002006-2014
OUTLANDER 5002007-2012
OUTLANDER 6502007-2012
OUTLANDER 8002007-2012
OUTLANDER 10002012
RENEGADE 5002008-2012
RENEGADE 8002007-2012
RENEGADE 10002012

Express yourself like never before and build your ultimate ride. Unleash your extreme. Go Rogue!

UTV Canada. Your best ride. Experience it!

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