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Zbroz (short for Zollinger Brothers) was founded by 4 brothers: Lance, Ryan, Anthony and Nathan. Zbroz Racing specializes in the niche market of snowmobile, UTV and ATV suspension products, including our own in house shock brand EXIT shocks.

Zbroz Racing was formed as a race team originally in 1998 as we started racing modified snowmobiles, professionally on the RMSHA circuit. Our quest to be the very best began as we looked to dominate in modified classes. We quickly realized everyone was fast, but unable to reach their true potential due to the lack of control. We needed a better suspension system.

In 1999 we started working to improve and learn the art of suspension tuning and design. We found great success in a very short time, claiming 6-world king titles, 19 World titles and 2 X game appearances. Our motivation and experience is rooted in racing.

We continue to enjoy all forms of riding and racing. Whether it’s on a Snowmobile, UTV or Moto hitting the mountain trails or putting down some laps at the track. There is no better testing ground than the racetrack. That is why we support riders in multiple forms of racing. This allows us to have our products tested extensively, ensuring we provide our customers with the very best product available today

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