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Razorback Technology originated in Paul, Idaho back in 2015. Founders Jorden Campbell and Justin Maughan, electronics and embedded systems experts, combined their knowledge with their many years of riding trails to develop amazing products that we now expect from Razorback Technology, like their 3.0 Edition Infrared Belt Temperature Gauge.

Razorback Technology’s patent pending infrared temperature sensor measures your belt’s heat level to analyze and compare with data tables stored in Razorback’s software memory. With this installed, you’ll get alerts every time your belt gets a little too toasty.

The 3.0 Infrared Belt Temperature Gauge (the only belt temperature gauge on the market that uses infrared technology, by the way) uses real-time belt surface temperature as an indicator of the condition/efficiency of your belt so you can dial-in your machine and put the most power to the ground.

By riding with a Razorback Technology Infrared Belt Temperature Gauge, you’ll be able to lengthen the life of your belts by avoiding damaging temperatures that essentially “bake” hours and miles off your belts.

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