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Gibson Performance Exhaust is the industry’s #1 leading manufacturer of street legal, high performance exhaust systems for trucks, SUVs, diesel, and UTVs.

Every Gibson Performance Exhaust product is designed for hassle-free, bolt-on installation with professional looking results. Applications are available in aluminized or stainless steel and remarkably engineered to ignite the maximum performance of the engine.

Gibson Performance exhaust systems exceed the performance advantages of all other systems on the market today. They are the industry’s most cost-effective, reliable, and trouble-free power producing exhaust system!

UTV Canada is a family-run company that was built out of passion and commitment to the lifestyle.

We’re committed to providing only the best quality Side by Side parts and accessories to our customers, and our team is dedicated to customizing your best ride ever.

UTV Canada. Your best ride. Experience it!

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