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For more than seven years at UTV Canada, we’ve been recommending Axia Alloys mounts and clamps to our customers and trusting their product on our own rides, as well. We never sell what we don’t trust.

Our decision to partner was a game-changer because they’ve truly revolutionized the way riders can mount their favourite Side by Side accessories to their machines.

Simply put: If you’ve got it, they can mount it…but keep your minds out of the gutter, please.

Not only does they keep your accessories and equipment snug, but they allow you to place them in ways that make everything truly accessible.

We’ve got tons of Axia Alloys clamps and mounts for you to check out online and in-store—now go outfit your own ride exactly the way you want it. They’re the definition of mounting made easy, so go get your mount on.

UTV Canada. Your best ride. Experience it!

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