Pimp My Ride


A Once In A Lifetime opportunity

Pimp Out Your Side By Side The Way You Dreamed

As riders, we always dream about how we would outfit our unit with the newest & coolest parts and accessories. Everytime we fuel up our unit, it’s something we think about. 

We dream about how our unit would perform with a new aftermarket exhaust system, new clutching, new belt, new tires, and a  lift kit that helps you get over any terrain.

We imagine what it would look and feel like heading down the trail in our comfortable custom PRP seats, with a new stereo system blasting with a high intensity light bar that lights up the road ahead. A new front and rear bumper, that give it a new aggressive look, and windshield with vents to help air flow through the machine. 

Everyone notices you, everywhere you go and people are constantly asking you where you got the parts & accessories for your unit. 

Look, at UTV Canada we understand that outfitting your unit can get pricy 

But what if it didn’t have to be? 

What if you only had to pay OUR COST at outfitting your unit, and a small service fee. 

Meaning, what if you could outfit your unit with over $20,000 of parts & accessories, and potentially only have to pay $12,000. 

Would you do it? 

Well, we want to help you make your dream a reality.

Our Mission

At UTV Canada it’s our mission to help Canadain Off-Road enthusiasts experience more. 

More People, More Places, More Life.

Working in alignment with that mission, we want to help ONE LUCKY INDIVIDUAL, turn their side by side into their dream machine. 

This contest is one that we have never done at UTV Canada before. 

But it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and you can be our lucky winner. 

How The Contest Will Work

UTV Canada’s Pimp my Ride Contest will run from February 3, 2020 till February 19, 2020. A winner will be selected on February 20 & at this time, the UTV Canada Staff will work with the winner to build out their dream unit. 

At the end of the process, a formal quote will be given to the winner regarding the cost to make their dreams a reality. 

UTV Canada will require payment upfront to special order any parts & accessories the winner is selecting.

Once the parts & accessories arrive, UTV Canada will schedule time with a local licensed mechanic for installation. 

All costs associated with transportation will be burdened on the winner of the contest. 

By Mid-March, you can have your unit fully outfitted and ready for spring riding. 

In the event that the winner decided to not follow through with pimping out their machine, a new winner will be selected. 

You Can't Win Unless You Enter

This contest is for individuals with side by sides only. 

To enter the contest you must own a side by side that has been manufactured within the past 5 years. Your side by side must be manufactured by a Canadian/American company. 

Since we do not stock, or have access to parts & accessories for knock-off/Chinese brands, we, unfortunately, cannot select a winner that owns one of these machines. 

The successful candidate from the PIMP my ride contest will be responsible for transporting their side by side to the UTV Canada warehouse in Leduc, Alberta. The contest winner will be responsible for all costs including the products, transporting the unit, and any service work required on the machine. 

By entering the Contest, you agree that UTV Canada has the right to take pictures and create marketing material for commercial purposes. 

There's No Risk In Entering

Simply entering the contest does not cost you anything. 

As long as you own a mainstream side by side that has been manufactured within the past 5 years, and your potentially looking to outfit your unit with wicked parts & accessories at a fraction of the cost, you are eligible to enter the contest. 

It only takes 5 minutes of your time.

Don’t Wait Any Longer - Make Your Dreams A Reality

Entering the PIMP My Ride Contest is incredibly easy and only takes 5 minutes to make a submission.

To enter simply fill out the form below, providing us with your contact details, the specific make/model/year of your machine, your budget, why you should win the contest and finally, what you want to do with your unit. 

We would encourage you to look online, through our website to find the coolest parts & accessories for specific machine.

This is a one time offer, so take advantage of it.

Discover what we can do for your machine here.

Want TO Pimp OUt Your UTV?