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You’ve Gotta Check it Out! – Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show

Well the clock is ticking and we are less than a week before the Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show opens.  As most of our Western Canadian Dealers know, this is the show where we blow our brains out bringing in as many of our manufacturer/suppliers for this event and filling the booth with as many really cool SxS custom builds as we can. This year we will have 10 units on display featuring a ton of product we represent ranging from pure sport to pure utility. These units also feature a lot of product from attending suppliers, and I’m pleased to say that we have quite a few new attendees this year!

Suppliers in attendance this year are as follows:

These guys travel a considerable distance to be here for this show and look forward to meeting as many of our Dealers as they can to tell you what new and exciting products they have for the upcoming year. If you haven’t seen the invitation or received one yet, here is the lowdown on what is in store!  For the first time ever we are putting up a trip for 2 to Mexico, including accommodations, in a draw for those of you that make it around to see all of our suppliers. Your odds of winning are incredible with typically only about 100 or so Dealer staff visiting throughout the show.  And for every order you place over $2500.00 at the Show, it gives you another entry for another shot at winning this trip! The opportunity to win is only available to our Dealers and their staff, not the retail public.

I really have to thank our forward thinking and positive participating Dealers that have worked with us to build the custom units we will have on display, especially in light of the economic climate we are all currently dealing with.

  • Freedom Powersports from Edson is doing a real cool Ranger 900 XP and have worked with us to build the ultimate Fire/Rescue EMS unit. We have outfitted this rig with a heated DFK Cab enclosure, HD bumpers and winch, Camoplast tracks and a combination Firefighting EMS skid in the box. You have to come and check this unit out!
  • Ecko Marine from Alberta Beach is doing up a Maverick XRS and we have outfitted this bad boy with a ton of DragonFire product.
  • Honda Extreme from Edmonton is decking out a Pioneer 1000 with all the accessories we have available for this unit at this time.
  • Keith from Motion Motorsports is doing another one of his insane Ranger 900 XP’s with a portal lift among loads of other cool stuff.
  • Tate at Cycle Works West has dressed a RZR 1000 XP with a ton of Super ATV product that will guarantee a ton of turned heads.
  • We will be bringing our tricked out Wildcat 700 Sport, our RZR XP1K and our brand new Yamaha YXZ 1000R which may be the only one at the show due to the fact that there aren’t too many of these units available yet!

This year we will have what I will call a couple of “novelty” units, Tyler Backus from Backus Racing in Sicamous, BC will be bringing the RZR XP1K that he last raced this past November in the Baja 1000. We co-sponsored Tyler on this build and look forward to seeing the unit. Rounding out the units on display will be the “Xpedition Build” that we did with Dirt Trax TV. This build started as a Maverick Max Turbo and was transformed into the beauty that it is now. If you haven’t seen it on Dirt Trax TV or in their magazine, you really need to stop by and see this ride.

I know I’m getting a little long winded, but in closing I’m here to tell you that we do these shows as much for you, our Dealers, as we do them for ourselves. No other Distributor does what we do by attending these shows, working with the suppliers, and building and displaying the custom built units. This Show typically sees 50K+ people through the doors and tons of them come through our booth expecting to see the cool, unique product that UTV Canada has become known for. We are a destination booth for a number of ATV/UTV enthusiasts and will expect to see a lot of the old familiar faces we see each year. We hope to see yours’ as well! It will be well worth your time!

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