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Valor Offroad: A UTV Wheel That Stands the Test of Time

When it comes to UTV wheels, Valor Offroad has built what we believe is the next big thing.

We know you probably haven’t heard of Valor.. Yet… That’s because they’re new and looking to breathe some fresh air into the wheel market. Valor wheels are straight to the point. They have no crazy gimmicks, all of their focus has went to building the best UTV wheel they can for the everyday rider. Valor Offroad listens to what their customers want. They take feedback seriously as they want to make high-quality wheels that you will love.

A history with wheels

While Valor is a new wheel company, the people behind it are proven veterans in the powersports industry. Brandon Brouillette of Valor Offroad has been working in the wheel market for two decades. In 2009, Brandon connected with Beau Bryant, forming a dynamic duo that’s lasted until this day. Brandon is known as the marketing guru while Beau uses his extensive knowledge in sales that he’s been building since he started at Complete Wheel Source in 2001. Between just these two, there’s 41 years of combined experience in the wheel industry, giving them all the time they needed to learn the ins and outs of wheel and tire manufacturing, international distribution and proven branding. Though you might not know Valor yet, we’re confident that they’ll become an industry giant in the very near future.

We’re betting on the jockeys, not the horse

– Stacy Nehring, Owner of UTV Canada

But the horse is pretty damn good too.

A wheel built for you

80% of riders aren’t looking to spend thousands of dollars building massive tire and wheel packages for their machines. As we’ve said, Valor is built for the everyday rider. That’s why they don’t offer anything bigger than a 15′ wheel.

No messing around

Valor UTV Wheels don’t feature any crazy wheel technology, they’re simple. Valor is also the lightest wheel on the market, without losing any strength. Being so light, these wheels won’t add any wear and tear to your machine. They can even save you a bit on gas!

The V2 wheel, an innovative solution to a common issue

One area where Valor looked to innovate was in fitment. The Valor V2 UTV Wheel features a dual-drilled bolt pattern that fits any machine with a 4×137 bolt pattern or a 4×156 bolt pattern. This bolt pattern fits Polaris and Can-Am, as well as most models of Kawasaki and John Deere.

When you buy a set of V2’s, you won’t have to worry about changing your rims if you switch from a Can-Am Defender to a Polaris Ranger.

Check out our newest UTV Wheels

If you want a wheel built for the everyday rider, this wheel is for you.

Discover more about Valor Offroad wheels.


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