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A Sweet Ride or a Safe Ride? How you can have both with a Star Light Bar!

What is the first thing you see when you look at the photo below?

I’m betting you’d say it’s the rear light bar, which is exactly what Star Light Bars is designed to do: make your ride stand out and be seen.

The last thing any driver needs is another Side by Side slammed into their car, which could easily happen in low visibility, especially on a race track.

But with a Star Light Bar installed on your Side by Side, you can be seen up to a mile away. Not only does a light bar give your machine style points, but the true advantage is extreme visibility on the track or trail when other riders may not be able to see your Side by Side through snow blasts or dust storms.

Watch Star Light Bars in action:

One of our favourite Star Light Bars is the 34.75” LED Rear Light Bar with blue and amber LEDs and integrated brake lights. This light bar will definitely make your machine stand out and give your ride some serious bragging rights whether you’re racing or just shredding the trail.

Fun Fact: Did you know amber is one of the few colours on the light spectrum that can be easily seen in daylight?

We should also mention that installing a light bar is painless. The plug-and-play convenience means zero splicing or any prior wiring knowledge is needed to hook it up to your Side x Side. It’s as easy as removing the tail light plug, attaching the harness, and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to upgrade your stock accessory fuse!

Speaking of harnesses, the Star Light Bars X-Harness Two Switch Centre Light Control is a dual function controlled system specially made for the GX-W and GX-WR Series Star Light Bars. What makes this upgrade from the standard Y-Harness great is that it gives you the ability to independently control the centred reverse/cargo light and brake lights from the running flashing lights.


Check out just how easy installation really is:

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