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Best UTV Trails in Alberta

We’re all looking for great places to ride. In the province of Alberta, there is no lack of great trails to take your Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) for a spin. Whether you’re from the north or the south, want to go sightseeing or get dirty, there’s a trail for you. From mountain peaks to prairies, today we show our appreciation to ten of the best UTV trails in Alberta.

Iron Horse Trail

Spanning through many of Alberta’s communities including St.Paul, Bonnyville and Smoky Lake, this trail is one of most popular UTV trails in Alberta. You’ll see wildlife, old wooden bridges, historical buildings and even the world’s biggest perogy!

Not only do you get to see some of Alberta’s best in the present, you can also get a blast from the past. Victorian Settlements with interpreters, the Métis crossing that takes you through Métis culture from the 19th century and so much more.

Note that some attractions are seasonal. To learn more about Iron Horse trail, you can visit there website: https://ironhorsetrail.ca

Crowsnest Pass

One of the best places to ride if you live in southern Alberta, Crownest pass is located about 2 hours west of Lethbridge.

This area features plenty of beginner and intermediate trails. 

Lille Ghost Town trail will take you through the remnants of Lille, a ghost town that dissolved over 100 years ago! While there’s not much left of the former coal-mining town, you can still see their old coke ovens.

Rocky Mountain House

One of the most popular areas in Alberta for a reason. Rocky Mountain House plays host to a huge family of trails. 

Featuring long trails with incredible views, this area is packed with mud to get dirty and hills to climb.

Outwest Camping is one of the best spots to camp for a weekend and explore plenty of trails nearby. There’s a fuel station and pressure washers on site with plenty of accessibility to the nearby trails. All these amenities take your worries away and provide an excellent way to enjoy your riding adventures. 

Nordegg area

Not far from Rocky Mountain House is Nordegg. Similar to Rocky Mountain House, these trails provide unique views and all sorts of different types of riding.

Nordegg has maps of the trails online.

The ‘Rail Trail’ is one of the areas favourites. It’s easy to follow and well maintained while offering amazing views from any angle making this one of the most relaxing rides in the area.

Brule Sand Dunes

Only 20 minutes southwest of Hinton, you don’t need to go to Vegas to ride in sand dunes! Riding the Brule Sand Dunes isn’t easy.  When the ride goes well, it is a thrill. You’ll never get the same challenge twice, because when the wind blows the sand around, it can completely change the landscape.

So don’t worry about taking that trip to Vegas when the Brule Sand Dunes are right in your backyard!


Located about a half an hour north of Barrhead, Vega has a good mix of trails for all-machines.

Something that sets this trail apart from the other UTV trails in Alberta, is that from May to November, you can take a ferry on the way in! The Klondyke Ferry is the smallest of only 7 operational ferries in Alberta.

So not only are the trails themselves great, but actually getting to the trails can provide a one-of-a-kind riding experience. Be sure to check out 511 Alberta before you take this trip to check the ferries hours of operation.

Mclean Creek Staging Area

Under an hour southwest of Calgary, if you’re the type of guy who likes off-roading in a big OHV, Mclean Creek has some wide trails for you.

Not only that, but riders have seen plenty of wildlife. You could see a deer, a moose or maybe even a bear on this trail. With plenty of mud and spotty cell phone service, it’s best to bring a friend. It’s never a good idea to ride alone!

There’s plenty of technical riding areas through the trees alongside more open areas for beginner riders. Mclean Creek staging area is a great spot for Calgarians whether you have a dirt bike or a UTV.

Kakwa Falls Trail

A couple of hours southwest of Grand Prairie, Kakwa Falls Trail is best suited for ATV’s due to the mud and trees that make it a tougher terrain. At the end of your 20 km ride there is a view that should be on every Albertan outdoorsmans bucket list, a towering waterfall over 30 meters high.

Since the falls are remote, they’re normally not very busy. 

Cold Lake

There’s no shortage of trails near Cold Lake Provincial Park. If you live by the Saskatchewan border, or you’re camping out at Cherry Grove, this can be a great area for riding with lots of trails in the area.

Be prepared to get dirty if you ride Martineau Trail. Just northeast of Cold Lake, Martineau Trail has mud holes of all shapes and sizes. The ride alongside the river can also take you alongside some beaver dams as you straddle the Saskatchewan border.

Fort Mcmurray

Snowmobile riders in Fort Mcmurray are blessed with a few connected trails just east of the city.

One favourite is Anzac Loop, a wide trail with plenty of straightaways so you can put the pedal to the metal.

This trail also has a community access point that’s great for lunch breaks!

In Alberta, there’s been a lot of recent discussion over the way we utilize our OHV’s. It’s important to stay in the loop when things change. Before you go riding, do your research, make sure you have insurance and ride responsibly. Always check to make sure the trail you want to ride is open to OHV’s, as well as the size of your machine so you can ride safely and legally.

You can always visit the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association Website for more information.

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