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Axia Alloys knows how to mount…Everything…and we mean Everything!

For more than seven years at UTV Canada, we’ve been recommending Axia Alloys mounts and clamps to our customers and trusting their product on our own rides, as well.

Our decision to partner with Axia Alloys was a game-changer because they’ve truly revolutionized the way riders can mount their favourite Side by Side accessories to their machines.

Simply put: If you’ve got it, Axia Alloys can mount it…but keep your minds out of the gutter, please.

Not only is Axia Alloys known for some of the finest machined parts and accessories on the market today, but also for their innovation and commitment to superior quality.

They stand by their claim:

If we cannot design what we believe is the highest quality, best looking, and most innovative part available then we won’t make it.

And with that bold attitude and more than 20 years of experience in-hand, Axia Alloys constantly transforms raw ideas into reality by expanding the accessorizing options available to our off-road community.

From mirrors, lights, and visors to phones, GPS—and hell, even coolers—Axia Alloys makes it possible to secure everything you’re bringing along for the adventure.

Not only does Axia Alloys keep your accessories and equipment snug, but they allow you to place them in ways that make everything truly accessible.

Got a phone you want in eyesight? Axia Alloys has you covered. Need a flashlight within reach? Done. Having everything you need accessible makes for more enjoyable riding and hey…if you aren’t enjoying yourself then you’re doing it wrong.

You’ve got to check out Axia Alloys’ Modular Roll Cage Accessory Mounting System and seriously consider this for your whip—it’s so innovative that it no longer places restrictions on which accessories you need to buy based on the make and model of your UTV.

Attach any UTV accessory to any diameter tubing. It’s all due to the lightweight and powerful strap clamps at the core of this system.

Not only are these strap clamps adaptable to different diameters of tubing, but they have an extremely low profile around the mounting bar for easy clearance under roofs, windshields, and other tight spaces.

With Axia Alloys’ Modular Roll Cage Accessory Mounting System in play, you can make the purchases you really want without worrying about the awkward placement.

Speaking of awkward placement, fire extinguishers can be a tricky accessory to mount, but leave it to Axia Alloys to perfect that corner of the market, too.

The Axia Billet Fire Extinguisher Mount is definitely a mounting marvel. Aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and trustworthy stainless steel components are precision machined for a perfect fit to your ride.

All contact points are o-ringed to prevent nasty wear and tear, plus it eliminates annoying rattling noises. And say the time comes to put your extinguisher to use, the smart quick-release handle makes life easy in a stressful situation nobody wants to be in.

At UTV Canada, we would never offer a product that we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on our own Side by Side, and since we get our mitts on a lot of cool accessories at the shop we’re always eager to test them out on the trail. But we also need to make sure they stay secure to the frame; and that’s where our confidence in Axia Alloys comes into play.

We’ve got tons of Axia Alloys clamps and mounts for you to check out online and in-store—now go outfit your own ride exactly the way you want it. Axia Alloys is the definition of mounting made easy, so go get your mount on.

Hey, I thought we told you to keep your mind out of the gutter!

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