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Arresting Developments – Stopping Thieves in Their Tracks!

Theft of recreational products has always been an issue, but most recently, given the state of our economy, it has become rampant. I follow numerous groups on Facebook and almost daily I see a post of some sled, quad or side x side that has been stolen. In the most recent issue of Powersports Business they reported that a dealership in North Dakota had $44,000 worth of product taken over the weekend. Most of these units that go missing are never to be found again.  I’m not going to lie when I say this chaps my ass significantly.  I go to work every day and work hard for everything I have and in one instant for someone to feel they can just come take it does not sit well with me!

Some of the aftermarket companies that UTV Canada carries have some simple solutions to help prevent theft. DragonFire Racing has a quick disconnect steering wheel.  By simply removing the steering wheel the unit loses the ability to be controlled, therefore would slow down a thief looking for a quick getaway.  The quick disconnect billet hub (part # DFR-04-0006) in conjunction with any of the steering wheels (part # DFR-04-0001 through 0004) they carry will do the trick. This set up will cost you around $396.98.

If you are looking for a more cost effective alternative, then another option for the RZR’s is the anti- theft lock by Extreme Metal Products. This simple device locks your shifter in park, making it much tougher to move the side by side.  For the older RZR 800/900 the part # is EMP-10680 and retails for $88.99. For the new RZR 900 and RZR 1000 models the part # is EMP-12765 and retails for $119.99.  This is a very low cost investment for peace of mind.

The Cadillac of all anti-theft devices is the Find It Now. This device can be mounted onto any vehicle, recreational or otherwise,  including side by sides, quads, snowmobiles, bikes and boats.  This is a GPS vehicle locator and has been the most successful in retrieving the vehicles and apprehending the thieves.  Some of the features include:

FIN Locate: Locate the FIN equipped vehicle from any computer, smartphone or tablet that connects to the internet.

Auto Report: Once daily, FIN® will report its location if there has been no other activity.

Boundary Notification: Settings allow the owner to position multiple perimeter notifications, if the boundary is entered or exited the owner will receive notification.

Speed Alert: Will notify the owner if the vehicle is going over the preset speed.

FIN® Virtual Odometer: Will accumulate mileage and/or the run time of the vehicle and through proprietary software will then send scheduled service notifications to the owner, advising them to return to their dealer for service.

Power Management: FIN® draws less than a 1-mA in (sleep mode)

Low Battery Alert: When the vehicle battery drops below the prescribed safe level text and email notification alerts will be sent.

Battery Tamper Alert: If the power is cut to the vehicle or the FIN® unit a text and email alert will be sent.

Battery Back-Up: In the event a thief cuts the main battery cable FIN’s back-up battery will take over so you or FIN’s tracking centre can continue to locate your vehicle.

This unit is still being tested for functionality in Canada. Stayed tuned for pricing as UTV Canada continues to stay on top of this great product.

by Stacy Nehring


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