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Armor Up! UHMW vs Aluminum

Ricochet Off-Road specializes in Skid Plate Protection and has been perfecting their craft for over 35 years. It’s why we at UTV Canada trust their stuff and more importantly, we believe you can, too.

Many moons ago, aluminum off road armor was your only option when it came to undercarriage protection for UTV’s.

Aluminum skid plates have kept off-road vehicles safe and secure with highly dependable protection that’s affordable and trustworthy. For years, riders have enjoyed retrofitting their machines with fully customizable aluminum skid plates to suit their specific needs.

Suddenly, riders were given a whole new option.

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) introduced itself to the off-road industry about five years ago. Known as a virtually indestructible plastic, UHMW provided a new type of material for Ricochet from which to manufacture their armor.

UHMW is a self-lubricating, highly durable material with ultra-impact resistance that makes perfect sense for off-road protection—it easily slides over anything the trail sends your way.

Today Ricochet has perfected their aluminum and UHMW under armor options to give you the peace of mind you need on your adventures.

It’s not mandatory to outfit your Side by Side with under armor protection, but with so many benefits to consider, why wouldn’t you protect yourself and your ride?

Protect Yourself

Your personal safety should always be priority one. There’s no telling what you might encounter while you’re riding, but more importantly you can’t always know or see what’s about to pop up under your ride.

We’ve all heard the gnarly stories and seen the gruesome pics of tree trunks and other debris penetrating floors of UTVs. Don’t let yourself become another horror story! A skid plate will deflect any nasty surprises and will keep you safe on the trails.

Protect Your Ride

Owning a Side by Side is an investment. One you did not make lightly, and one you plan on keeping around for a while. Leaving the undercarriage vulnerable is just not a good idea … there’s just too many unknown variables that can suddenly turn a great day on the trail into an expensive trip to the shop for repairs.

Why go out and spend your hard earned money on an extreme off-road machine just to let Canada’s rough terrain kick its ass?

You can easily avoid a costly trip to the shop with a top-quality Ricochet skid plate set. It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run…then you can spend your money on other new and exciting UTV Canada parts and accessories!

Easy Installation

Ricochet offers a direct bolt-on design with minimal to zero drilling or modifications required—so you won’t want to rip your hair out while trying to install.

Check out this installation video from Ricochet that will teach you how to install a skid plate onto a Polaris General 1000 Side by Side in just 30 minutes or less.

Are you feeling ready to purchase a skid plate? Then you have to determine what type of under armor is right for you.

Ricochet uses a four-star rating system to compare between aluminum and UHMW skid plate sets.


Where the aluminum skid plate set lacks in surface slickness, it makes up for in coverage and customization. It’s a cheaper option that offers great strength and durability. The obvious downfalls show that the aluminum plates don’t offer you much in surface slickness and noise emissions.


A UHMW skid plate set is lightweight, strong, and offers premium surface slickness that almost pays for itself when you’re sliding over tough rocks and logs. Not to mention the reduced noise emissions so you can focus on rockin’ it out to your favourite tunes or discussing trail strategy with your co-pilot.

Why not combine the best of both worlds?

Ricochet also makes a line of premium aluminum skid plates with an UHMW overlay available that combines the best qualities of both materials so you can confidently push through any trail, any time.

Whatever your choice to protect your ride—Aluminum, UHMW, or both—Ricochet and UTV Canada have your back…er, bottom covered! We have 1000s of products in-stock and our team has first-hand riding experience to answer any questions you could possibly throw our way.

UTV Canada—Your best ride. Experience it!


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