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It’s Good to be Bad with 50 Caliber Racing!

Have you ever wished you could add some bad to your Side by Side?

50 Caliber Racing can make your ride as sinful as you want it to be. For more than 15 years, 50 Caliber has been perfecting their craft in Sin City—and based on some of their edgier work, we think most people would agree that a Vegas homebase makes perfect sense.

50 Caliber is a family-run team who proudly push the boundaries on some of their custom product designs, like their racy rocker switches. They’re a great way to add some style to your cabin or to show off your personality—whether it be sinfully sinister or high and mighty, the options are plentiful.

We’d show you some examples right here on this post, but some of their switches are a little to steamy even for us to include, but if curiosity is getting the best of you…

50 Caliber also offers a wide range of other great Side by Side parts and accessories, such as:

  • LED lighting
  • Dash panels
  • Rocker switches
  • Shift knobs
  • Custom seating
  • Roll cages
  • Safety harnesses

We proudly carry a selection of their line-up of dash panels and rocker switches because we were so impressed with how they looked on our own rides.

Check out this install:

We added the 50 Caliber dash panel to our 2017 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Side by Side and we think it really made a huge difference to the overall look and feel of our ride. Our apologies for the mud splatter…actually no—you’re welcome.

In a 2016 interview with Never Stop Riding, Richie, owner of 50 Caliber, was asked about the origins of the 50 Caliber name and Richie’s answer was simply pure gold.

“I think guns are cool, and we used to sell Honda 50 parts only.”

You’ve got to love the man’s honesty. And it’s obvious to us that he’s a fan of guns and ammunition—check out this 50 Caliber custom CNC milled shift knob that we carry in-store and online. It was specifically designed to look like a 45mm anti-aircraft shell casing.

Talk about bad-ass. Each shifter handle is machined from solid billet aluminum for a solid rugged look. Plus, its threaded interface makes for quick no-hassle installation.

They don’t push the envelope on ALL of their work—modest options are also available for those looking to add a clean look to their machine.

You can find our full line-up of 50 Caliber Side by Side accessories here.

Just like 50 Caliber, UTV Canada is a family-run company that was built out of passion

and commitment to the off-road lifestyle. We’ve seen a ton of change since we started out of the family’s garage, and now we’re known as one of Canada’s most reputable distributors and online retailers of amazing aftermarket Side by Side parts and accessories.

And while we may not have all the edge that 50 Caliber brings to the table, we still know how to be a bad-ass on the trail.

UTV Canada. Your best ride. Experience it! #JustRideIt


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