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10 UTV Riding Songs That Sound Great On The Trail!

Are you looking for some new UTV riding songs? Really, music is quite similar to your outdoor riding adventures. Finding a new trail is like listening to your favourite song for the first time, the feeling can’t be recaptured. Making an exciting jump in the dunes is more like an electrifying guitar solo. And hey, just like the saddest songs on our playlists, sometimes we just get stuck in the mud.

That’s why the two go so well together.

Whether you’re working, riding the trails or racing, here’s 10 tracks to make your next adventure sound even better!

 AC/DC – Thunderstruck

We couldn’t start a “Best UTV songs playlist” with anything else.We could’ve really picked any AC/DC song. From an epic intro to a blaring chorus, Thunderstruck is perfect to be your dirt road anthem.

Other good options from AC/DC are Highway to Hell, Shoot to Thrill and Back in Black. If you don’t have any AC/DC on your riding playlist, we need to talk…

Chris Stapleton – Midnight Train to Memphis

Chris Stapleton has the voice of a Polaris RZR. 

Midnight Train to Memphis is one of Stapletons most electric and angry songs. When you want to take out your weekly frustrations on some mud or dirt, play this song.

Blake Shelton – Gods Country

This is one of those songs that just works on the trail. This instant classic won the Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year in 2019. 

Gods Country is one of Blake Shelton’s most unique songs. It’s a little bit rock and a little bit country. Playing this song while you take your Can-Am Maverick through the countryside is UTV riding heaven.

Motley Crue – Kickstart my Heart

You had a long drive, you’ve unloaded your UTV from its trailer and you’re a bit tired before you can even hit the trail. Some Motley Crue is sure to get the blood pumping!

When you’re not sure you can get through that nasty skeg hole you have in your sights, this song can give you the adrenaline rush to give you that extra push. No one knows the term “full send” quite like Motley Crue!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

Coming out in 1968, Fortunate Son is definitely ahead of its time but the track from over half a century ago has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

Being a bit older, this song might not sound as bold on the trails as Thunderstruck or Kickstart my Heart, and that’s just ok. A song like this is much more fitting for a laid back ride anyways.

Nickelback – This Afternoon

You’re probably not going full send on EVERY ride, are you? 

This Afternoon is another chilled out song that fits a more relaxed ride. This song paints the picture of hanging out with your buds in the great outdoors while you’re having a good time. Sounds perfect for a break at the staging area.

Post Malone – Take What You Want

Post Malone is one of the most diverse artists on the planet. On Take What You Want, Post Malone blends genres like a smoothie. 

This song has a mesh of rock and rap and it’s definitely a head-banger.

Nirvana – Lithium

This song comes in waves. From mellowed out verses to an intense chorus, this song has a bit of everything.

Nirvana is loved by fans across mostly any genre for their raw energy. This song is a bit heavier than others on this list, meaning that this is best for drivers who tend to make their rides a little intense.

Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem

This song was literally made for offroading. How could we not include it? If this list was ranked, Dirt Road Anthem could be number 1 without a doubt. 

Fun fact, this song is the best-selling song in digital history by a male country solo artist in the United States with over four million sales!

Ozzy Osbourne – Mama I’m Coming Home

We’re ending off on this one because it’s a great song to play as you end your ride.

This is a slower Ozzy song and it’s a masterpiece too. When the sun is setting and you’re loading your machine back onto your truck, this song wraps up the exciting day in a beautiful way.

What are some of your favourite UTV riding songs?

There are thousands of songs that are built for the trails. Which are your favourites? Let us know your favourite UTV riding songs in the comments down below!

By the way, if you want to play music on your ride, you need a speaker first! If you still need one, check out our selection here.


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