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10 Reasons NOT To Put Your UTV Away This Winter

Winter is here! There’s snow on the ground, it gets dark way to early, and the weather is getting cooler every day.  Before we know it, the stupid-cold will arrive.  But it doesn’t mean we have to put away all our toys and hibernate the winter away – we’re not bears people!  We’re Canadian, and we’re hearty stock.  As long as you’ve gone through the steps to prep your machine for winter riding, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy riding all year long.

We’ve put together a list of 10 reasons why you shouldn’t put your UTV away this winter:

10. It makes doing chores around the yard a whole lot easier…and a lot more fun: Bring in firewood, check on the animals – or have a little fun chasing away the ones that aren’t welcome (including that fellow your daughter introduced as her new boyfriend).

9. Take the kids Ice Fishing: Ice Fishing is pretty big – every frozen lake around here seems to be peppered with fishing shacks. Take the kids out, you just might find that they love it – especially when they don’t have to trudge through the ice and snow to get there.

 8. Prepping for that Hockey Game: Who needs a Zamboni when you have a UTV with a plow? Clear off the ice, pull out the skates and call the neighbours – it’s time for some hockey!

7. Build a giant snowman…or snow fort…or tobogganing ramp: Make giant snowballs to build the biggest snowman on the block, push the snow around to make the walls for your snow fort, or pile the snow high for your own private tobogganing ramp – because bigger really is better!

6. Tobogganing: This is the prairies – it’s pretty flat. Give your kids the thrill of tobogganing by pulling them behind the UTV.  For those of you lucky enough to have the perfect toboggan hill close by, make the experience even better by pulling everyone back up the hill – no one enjoys walking up a toboggan hill.

5. Plow envy: Sick of the snow? Simple – get rid of it. Plow the snow from your front yard, pull out the lawn chairs and be the envy of the neighbours with that freshly exposed brown grass.

4. Decorations – National Lampoon style: Use your UTV to haul your Christmas decorations all over the yard and light up the night, Clark Griswold style.

3. Date Night: Looking for a new adventure for date night? Take your date out into the back country to watch the Northern Lights. WARNING: Do not attempt without a cab enclosure or heater – failure to do so may lead to whining and crying and an unanticipated night sleeping on the couch.

2. Escape the Chaos: Let’s face it; we all need to escape now and then – whether it is from being cooped up inside with the family for too long, or because the relatives are getting on your nerves. Don’t be Clark Griswold and say something you might regret, like

“Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?”

Instead, drive yourself to the middle of nowhere and do something for yourself – go winter riding.

1. Ice Racing: Ice racing is one of the most exciting winter sports and anyone can do it. Satisfy your inner thrill-seeker and get out on the ice. We’ll see you there.  For more info on Ice Racing check out Rocky Motorcycle Club.

Let us know what you like to do with your UTV in the winter. #KeepRiding



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Danielle Herbison