Helping You With Backorders

Hello Dealers,

There is a without a doubt COVID 19 has made a dramatic impact on the motorsports industry. 

A common theme we are seeing throughout the industry is a shortage of supply. From our understanding, alot of OEM dealers are struggling with backorders on parts & accessories. Some items are on backorder until October in some cases.

As a distributor for over 100 different brands, we want to help you tackle these challenges head-on. To help you tackle these challenges, we need your direct input.

One of our biggest vendors we deal with is Super ATV. They carry a variety of different parts & accessories from; winches, windshields, bumpers, skid plates, lighting, axles and much more. You name it, chances are they have it.

With COVID 19 cases rising throughout the world and the United States heading through their second wave, we suspect that alot of manufacturers are potentially going to shut down again. This is going to put even more stress onto the very fragile supply chain ecosystem we currently have.

We at UTV Canada are prepared to tackle these challenges with you head-on. If there are aftermarket parts & accessories that your customers are wanting that we can gain access to, we are willing to stock additional inventory to help you get through the remainder of the season.

If we can forecast overall demand and discover what common items your customers are looking to get, we will do everything we can to potentially bring it in for you.

That means better fill rates and overall quicker turn around times on customers.

In order to do this, we need your direct input.

Please take a few moments and fill out the form below.

Let us know about common challenges you are having, and what you are getting requests for. Please try to be as specific as possible.

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When we better understand you, we are able to position ourselves to better serve you.

When we are better positioned to serve you, we help you take care of the customer.

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