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Dealer Requirements

In order to become a dealer with UTV Canada we have a few requirements that you must meet. Failure to meet any of the requirements may result in your application not being accepted. 

The following requirements include:

All dealers must have a physical store location. You must have a website where customers are able to find you. Dealer accounts must maintain a $7,500 annual spend with an initial order of $1,500.

All dealer accounts will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure minimums are being met. Failure to meet requirements on an annual basis may result in your dealer account status being revoked.

Dealer Stories

Dealer stories is a series that focuses on the relationship between motorsports dealers and UTV Canada. We take a look at why dealers love working with UTV Canada, and why they trust us with sourcing UTV parts and accessories. SRT Motorsports is a CF Moto and Kawasaki dealership located 20 minutes south of Edmonton in Leduc, Alberta. Despite being 5 minutes down the road from UTV Canada headquarters, SRT Motorsports is one of our top-performing dealers.