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UTV Canada’s OHV Club Partnership Program provides OHV Clubs with financial, logistical and educational support so that they may focus on the real work of getting stuff done.

As a club leader, we know you love giving back to your community. Making sure the trails and riding areas will be around for generations to come. But, sometimes it is a thankless job.

We understand the volunteer hours can be endless and at times you feel overworked and underappreciated.

UTV Canada recognizes that OHV Clubs are the backbone of our industry and in the most Canadian way possible - we want to say thank you!

Thank you for the countless hours you volunteer to maintain trails, rally your troops and run the administrative side of your clubs.

Thank you, because of the efforts of you and your club, hundreds of thousands Canadian riders have the privilege of making memories with their tribes while enjoying and exploring our great country.

Thank you, because of you, we all get to experience more. More People, More Places, More Life.

Not only are we going to tell you, “you are appreciated”, we are going to show you - by giving back to you and your club.


UTV Canada's Club Partnership Program

Here's what you can expect from us

UTV Canadas club sponsorship puts money back into clubs pockets


Who doesn’t love money, right?!?

For every dollar that your members purchase from UTV Canada, we will give 5% off to the member and 5% back to the club. Money earned can be used for your club’s general fund, for special events or to purchase product at significant discounts for giveaways or raffles.

Helping you do trail clean up

Trail Clean-Up Support

We would love to help out at your trail cleanups and maintenance days but the sheer logistics make it impossible -  Canada is a REALLY big country. So, us getting involved and showing our appreciation has had to take on a different form. UTV Canada will provide garbage bags and funds to purchase food for 1 trail clean up day.  



UTV Canada cares deeply about sustainability, stewardship and responsible riding. Frequently throughout the year we produce educational blogs and social media pieces to help promote these values.  These will be shared to all participating clubs so that together we can help educate and inform all riders.

Interested In Joining?

For 2019, UTV Canada will only be accepting 10 Clubs into the OHV Club Partnership program.

Selection will be based on meeting the necessary criteria, geographical representation (where your club is located and if we already have clubs in the area) and finally, first come, first served.

This is the inaugural year of the program.

In 2018 we ran a small pilot with a few clubs and due to its success for all parties we have chosen to expand it and offer the same opportunity to clubs across Canada.

If you are still in doubt, check out what our past participants say about working with UTV Canada.

Alberta OHV Trail Riders

In 2018 UTV Canada partnered with local non-profit club, Alberta OHV Trail Riders.

Since UTV Canada has partnered with Alberta OHV Trail Riders, over $700 has been given back to the 3,500 strong that are riding enthusiasts.This money has helped the club fund their website, mobile app development, and help grow their community! 

We have helped provide event sponsorship for the non-profit, ran special promotions, and even hosted a BBQ for Alberta OHV trail riders. 

"UTV Canada has been great to deal with. The amount of support they have offered the club both financially and in person for events has been a GAME CHANGER! We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with them and would encourage any other riding clubs to work alongside UTV Canada"

No Cost, No Risk, And Everything To Gain 

UTV Canada's Club Sponsorship Partnership costs you nothing to join. It is a one year commitment and and at any time where the partnership is not working, there are provisions for either party to graciosuly discontinue the partnership.

What’s the catch?

No catch, but we do have some expectations from participating clubs.…………..

It basically comes down to this one thing - A true partnership.  Specifically, this looks like: 

  1. Keeping us informed of what things you are doing in your communities and what your needs are. 
  2. Send us photos of your clean up days and group rides 
  3. Display our decals on your machines (optional - but we really appreciate it ;-) 
  4. If members are looking for products to help them get the most from their rides, please refer them to us first.  If we can't look after them, we will refer them to someone that can. 
  5. Give us shout outs to your members and on social media when we help you. 
  6. Allow UTV Canada to make occasional posts on your social media account or you can share the content yourself. 
  7. Share our educational blogs, emails and social posts across your mediums so that our shared values are perpetuated 
  8. Send your membership an email explaining the Club Partnership Program that you are participating in and its benefits to the club and individual members.  (UTV Canada can provide the content, all you will have to do is copy and paste it into the body of the email).

Ok, I am interested! Hows does it all work? 

How Do I Know If We Qualify?

Before you apply, we have a few Club Requirements

  1. Club must be based in Canada and serve Canadian Riders
  2. The club must have non-profit designation
  3. Club leaders must be passionate and be willing to work alongside UTV Canada.
  4. Share core values: Land stewardship, sustainability and responsible riding

Our Process

We pride ourselves with the clubs and communities we help serve. We work to make sure our goals are in alignment with any stakeholders we work alongside.  

After you have filled out the application form we will have a representative from UTV Canada reach out to you. (the Club Organizer)

Please allow up to 30 days for notice regarding whether your club has been approved.  

If you have any questions regarding your club status, please contact us. 

Want to know more about UTV Canada? Read about us here